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Sales and Marketing

APPB Sales and Marketing Applications are user-friendly and scalable applications which reduce the time and costs required in sales and marketing efforts for support staff as well as producers. We can help you keep your business growing. APPB Applications enable your team to better plan, analyze, manage, and measure your business sales and marketing operations.

With APPB applications, sales and marketing departments perform with greater efficiency in following areas:

  • Analysis of the market and the customer base
  • Streamlining of lead inquiry handling and conversion
  • Budget and collateral planning
  • Product promotion to a target market
  • Measurement of results and comparison with competitors

APPB Sales and Marketing Software includes:

  • Business Performance Reporting
  • Request for Proposal
  • Sales Lead Pipeline

Are you having a hard time finding software to meet your needs? APPB will develop a customized sales and marketing solution to meet and exceed your requirements. APPB consultants have extensive technology and domain knowledge to draw on. We are capable of analyzing your needs and providing the right sales and marketing solutions for your situation.

Contact APPB for a free Sales and Marketing Software consultation.