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Event Management Applications

An Event Management Application organizes events efficiently through the use of online registration, schedules, communication, and feedback. APPB Event Management helps to schedule, organize, and control any type of event. Are you planning a conference, meeting, exhibition, or need a system for class registrations? APPB will custom-tailor a system to meet your needs.

With APPB Event Management Software Applications you can:

  • Create Events
  • Register participants with event forms
  • Send invites
  • Access a participant rolodex
  • Finalize an event schedule and agenda
  • Schedule rooms
  • Manage events and online calendars
  • Collect event feedback
  • Evaluate extensive reporting

An APPB Event Management System helps to connect participants and organizers, simplify common tasks, and reduce time and costs required of the event planners. We’ll even provide ongoing training and support in order to make your event a rousing success.

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