SharePoint and Collaboration Applications for Business



Now that your site is complete, APPB is here to train you and your staff on how to use it in the most effective manner. We offer a variety of training techniques, including:

  • Online one-on-one sessions
  • Online webinar group sessions
  • Over the phone sessions
  • Onsite one-on-one sessions
  • Onsite group meeting sessions

APPB won’t leave you out in the cold, trying to learn a new system on your own. Our training techniques will ensure that you and your staff are able to keep your business’s website up to date, in turn keeping your customers and partners well informed of your current products and promotions.

Giving yourself and your staff the ability to update your own business website will greatly reduce your IT costs and place your business in a lead position in your industry.

Contact APPB for a free Business Website consultation, and don’t forget to ask about mobility solutions.