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APPB web designers will evaluate your target demographic in order to design an interface that is not only appealing, but readily usable for your audience. Design is highly subjective; it is often easy to lose site of the needs of your audience. Our designers will help keep your site on track.

Our designers begin by analyzing your audience and studying your competition and then proceed with consulting your major stake-holders to produce a design that everyone can agree on. Design is often a compromise, and APPB’s designers will make sure that all parties are satisfied with the results.

Our design services include:

  • Interface design
  • Website re-designs
  • Promotional banner design
  • Flash animations and interfaces
  • Website realignment

Website Realignment

What’s a website realignment, you ask? We understand that you may actually like (or even love) your website, but you’ve come to the realization that it’s about time to update your graphics and banners in order to better appeal to your target audience. Our designers can help. We will assist you in evaluating your needs and offer suggestions for making these improvements.

Did you know that your website’s code heavily impacts how your site ranks in search engines? We can re-write the pieces of code that have the greatest impact on your rank to ensure that your site ranks the way that it should, many times without even changing the appearance of your website’s design.

We can also assist you in reorganizing your site’s navigation to improve your site’s architecture. Or, perhaps, you just need to add a small piece of functionality; we can help with that too.

Contact APPB for a free Business Website consultation, and don’t forget to ask about mobility solutions.