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Business Intelligence Software Solutions

At Applications for Business (APPB), we understand where business intelligence resides: in your people. We can analyze your data warehouse and get a good handle on your business, but it's the consulting step where the rubber meets the road.

By understanding your business processes - the software and the people who use it - we can target where a business software solution makes sense, giving your people what they really need to know when they really need to know it. This means providing your subject matter experts with

  • Customized software systems
  • Custom application modules
  • Databases tailored to your business
  • Tangible deliverables


Business Software Features

  • Suited to Requirements
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Results-Based Approach
  • Latest Technologies
  • User Friendly





Our ability to focus in on your unique business processes provides the key to unlock new efficiencies and implement just the IT and software solutions you really need. Both our extensive experience in information architecture best practices and our technical skills in business intelligence software solutions go way beyond out of the box offerings.

Software Solutions

 APPB's client base consists of several vertical industries among which are the following:


APPB is not a vendor for any specific hardware or software product. As an IT Solutions Partner, our goal is to help you find appropriate solutions for the business issues you face and to consult on maximizing your IT investment. Whatever your tool of choice — SharePoint, SQL Server, Access, or a home grown implementation — we can offer advice on best practices and technological opportunities.

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