SharePoint and Collaboration Applications for Business


About Us

We at APPB work with Ms Access, SQL Server, or SharePoint, often recommending the free versions of these tools to begin with, especially for small or departmental level solutions. We've found many tools are available for integration into a custom software solution for the modern business and our mission is to make such solutions available to you.

Our business model grew out of the recognition that an Out-of-the-Box System often makes its users perform tasks outside their natural workflow in order to update the system. A Custom CRM can be built around the process flow you really use day to day and include only the features useful to you, making it easier to integrate into your established natural workflow. Our specialty is careful assessment followed by a proposal to design, re-design, or re-engineer, depending on what makes sense for your particular case. Utilizing Microsoft tools and industry standard practices, we can produce a product that will serve your immediate needs and that you can grow when your business grows. We specialize in making the management of customer relationships more effective and so more profitable.